Friday, 2 September 2016

*Coffee Break with Renee*

Why Hello Beauty

Say Hello to Emily from Why Hello Beauty. Emily's chic and modern blog is a makeup lovers paradise where beautiful pictures of products can be found paired with honest and interesting reviews. Emily also features many interviews with inspiring people from beauty brands to fashion boxes. If you like an interesting read, you will not be disappointing.

Talk us through your blogging career- how did it start and how has it progressed?

I began beauty blogging simply because I thought it was a way of justifying my makeup addiction! I thought if I had a blog then I could say “oh well, I’m buying it for my blog!”. It soon became something that I began to take seriously and put more time and effort into, and now I’ve just hit 16k followers on instagram and interviewed inspirational women such as Kath Purkis of Her Fashion Box, Shelley Barrett of Modelco Cosmetics, Reese Evans of Yes Supply, Zoe Newlove of Crown Bush UK and journalist Katrina Lawrence, just to name a few! Digital media and content is such fun new world and the sky is the limit!

What’s your blogging niche and why did you decide on it?

My niche is beauty and lifestyle, and even though it’s highly saturated right now, it’s a fun and creative outlet for me to be that much closer to the beauty industry. As I live in rural Tasmania, the opportunities aren’t great so this is a perfect place for me to express my love for all things beauty!

Do you stick to a schedule or just publish your posts whenever you feel?
As I still work full time, it’s generally when I have an idea and when I have time to post but if I have a lot of new content in the works, then I have to stick to a planner so I don’t forget anything!
What opportunities have you had since becoming a blogger?
Excitingly, last year I was a part of the digital launch of Sephora AU and this year I collaborated with the launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s gorgeous new face palette!
What are you favourite things about blogging?
The whole new network of people that I’ve connected with the blogging and the relationships built – absolutely!
What are your least favourite things about blogging?
Hmmm, probably when I want to take some photos for social media / my blog and the lighting is really crappy – totally cramps my style!
What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write and read?
I really like to read before and afters, I love lots of pictures but I also like to personally write my ‘A Day in the Life of’ series, where I share a typical day for people working within the beauty industry. The connections I’ve made are amazing and it’s a fun way to live vicariously through others!
Do you have any other social media forums that you are active on and what is the name you use?
Yes, of course! Find me at;
Thank you Emily for your fantastic answers! Make sure to stop by her blog and have a read. 
Have Fun!
Renee x

Monday, 1 August 2016

*Coffee Break with Renee*

Zerin from Insincerely Her

This month I am excited to feature Zerin! The creator and writer of Insincerely Her has peppered her blog with beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fun-filled events she has attended. Her honesty and unique character is revealed layer-by-layer as I have read her blog posts, and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next!

Talk us through your blogging career- how did it start and how has it progressed?
 I have always loved reading blogs and really wanted to start my own as a little ‘fun hobby’ on the side. I honestly thought no one besides my friends and partner would read my blog, little did I know the US would be my biggest readers base followed by Australia and the UK.
I have been live for over a year the views keep rising and I am very proud of what I have achieved. I’ve had the likes of Roxy Jacenko sharing my post within a month of being live was a wonderful achievement.

Whats your blogging niche and why did you decide on it?
 I think I am not afraid to reach out to other and network. I’m not afraid to say things as they are. Competition doesn’t bother me, I am a big believer on women empowering one another. I’m thick skinned and approaching the blog world in my own way and am known for my no-filter personality. 

Do you stick to a schedule or just publish your posts whenever you feel?
 I like to post 1-2 times a week, but sometimes it can be difficult with working full time, attending events, going to the gym and the list goes on. I would rather wait to have a quality post then a rushed post. I wear a lot of hats and its about finding the right balance. 

What opportunities have you had since becoming a blogger?
 I have had the opportunities to work with a variety of brands to trial and promote their product, a few have also asked me for options on their new product to their branding to the website it’s a great position to be in. I have been invited to events and in the room with many socialites and people you see on your TV. Its crazy and can be overwhelming at times but I have found my feet and am loving it. I also now have advertising on my blog along with the opportunity to get paid for my work. Blogging is not easy! There is a lot of behind the scene work the non blogger would have no idea about. It’s a hard business but very rewarding. Cliché I know!

What are you favourite things about blogging?
 I love finding out about new products and actually seeing if they work. There are so many people who are getting paid to promote an item (we get sucked in ) and disappointed being able to try the items myself is great. I love networking and meeting new people.

What are your least favourite things about blogging?
 Taking Images! Its something I struggle with. And people using you for contacts. 

 What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write and read?
 I love featuring events on my blog that I get invited to. Lifestyle is such a huge versatile platform. I don’t get a chance to read many other blogs as I am constantly working on my own.

Do you have any other Social Media forums that you are active on and what are their names?
Instagram : @insincerelyher

Thankyou Zerin for your time! Please don't forget to check out her blog and leave some nice comments on her page. ☺

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 29 July 2016

Lush Toothy Tabs, Fad or For Real?

Kind Beauty.

In recent years tooth tablets and powders have exploded into the 'green' beauty realm. Tooth clay's and powders date back to ancient history. Chinese, Greek and ancient Egyptians used tooth clay's too keep their mouths clean and feeling fresh. They must have been on to something...

 Claiming to be a healthier alternative to the fluoride filled tooth paste found on supermarket shelves, they also come with the novelty of being a interesting and fun new way to brush teeth. I have been looking a bit more closely at what have been put into these new tooth products, in particular Lush's toothy tabs and tooth powders...

Sparkle Toothy Tabs: A blend of organic black pepper and lemon to leave your teeth spit and span.
There has been some debate as to whether lemon is a safe option to use on teeth as a whitener however Lush only use a small amount of lemon peel powder to make sure that it's doing its job without compromising the health of your tooth enamel. Black pepper will leave a tingle on your tongue but it can also help to relive pain from cavities. It is also said to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Dirty Toothy Tabs: This superbly herby solid toothpaste is loaded with spearmint and neroli oils for a squeaky clean feel.
Spearmint oil is a popular choice to add to teeth cleaning products because of its fresh taste and its ability to combat bad breath. Neroli oil is famous for it's strong but alluring fragrance but also has benefits of antiseptic and disinfectant properties. With the blend of Neroli oil and peppermint these toothy tabs will give you a mood boosting and fresh start to the day.

Bling Toothy Tabs: Flash a smile with enzymatic papain for a bling, Brazilian orange oil for a zing and frankincense for a taste in luxury.
Papain enzymes are derived from pineapple and papaya. I have never hear of papain enzymes but after a bit of research here my understanding is that they are a safe and effective way to break down bacterial plaque and tartar. Brazilian orange oil is a mood boosting essential oil and all citrus is thought to remove stains from enamel. This is a really yummy toothy tab and tastes a bit like fruit tingles.

If tabs aren't your thing then you can always try the Lush Tooth Powder. This powder is easy enough to use; just wet your toothbrush and dip into the powder then brush your teeth as normal. All the Lush toothy tabs and powders foam up nicely to give you that fresh, clean feeling.

Atomic Tooth Powder: Say hello to a healthier mouth with this blend of freshly ground spices and kaolin. 
Kaolin Powder is very high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium. It is also a gentle but effective way to scrub away stains on the tooth enamel that even the most sensitive teeth should be able to handle. Also containing flavouring spices such as coffee, cardamon, clove, cinnamon, ginger and white pepper for a powerful flavour. If you would like a taste of history, this is probably the closest tooth powder to the original ancient recipes.

Ultra Blast Tooth Powder: A galatically good blend of mint and wasabi to take your mouth to a different dimension. 
I gotta admit that the idea of having a bit of wasabi in my toothpaste sounds a bit crazy. I don't want to burn my mouth twice a day! But wasabi has real benefits for dental health. Wasabi has been found in Japan to help prevent cavities. The same compounds (isothiocyanates) that produce its spicy taste inhibit tooth decay. Peppermint and Spearmint oils are effective at killing bacteria, especially Spearmint oil which is a good antiseptic too.

So what's the deal? Are the natural tooth powders kinder to your teeth than the tooth paste from major dental brands with added fluoride and a list of chemicals as long as your arm?  I am no dental expert, but my personal opinion is yes.
For year I have suffered from sensitive teeth and I have tried every 'Sensitive' tooth paste under the sun in an attempt to cure the pain. It never occurred to me that it could actually be the toothpaste itself causing the sensitivity. A couple of years ago I started using the Lush Toothy Tabs, in particular the Atomic mixture, and my teeth have not suffered from sensitivity since.
I truly belive that the raw form of tooth powders is kinder to the body and if you are suffering from gum disease or tooth sensitivity I would highly reccommend trying raw tooth powders and see how your body reacts.

Be Kind. Be Beautiful.

Renee x

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My Favourite Thing For June/July

No It's Not Skincare.

Tonight I am watching a dvd and enjoying a 3 hour long cuddle with this little man.

Introducing our new baby boy Jarrah! He is now four weeks old and has just decided that he doesn't like being put down.
 As a fresh and squeaky clean newborn he didn't have a problem with being in his bassinet for ten minutes while mummy had a shower in the hospital. Actually I lie. He hated the plastic, hospital standard bassinet they expect baby's to 'settle' in. Instead I had to leave him on the bed, with the rails drawn up to nip to the bathroom because the bed was covered in my scent. But now I am feeling like a tired, super woman while I prep dinner at 10am and toilet train my 3 year old one handed.

Jarrah is my favourite thing for June because he is my baby. Yes, I could say that I have found an amazing moisturizer or an awesome lipstick but what could beat a newborn in the line up of possible favourite things?

In the meantime I do have some awesome things happening. I have decided to totally revamp and remodel my blog. I have (finally) bought a domain name called The Kind Beauty Project and I will be writing about things that get me really excited. Such as the ingredients in skincare, what the companies are doing to be environmentally friendly and if they support any charities. Ill also be adding company profiles to the website as well as videos, recipes and community news in the way of local markets and events. 
I do see now that I didn't really plan the timing well at all but I have started now. Even though I only get a minute here and there during the day to research all this stuff, I am having a lot of fun doing it.

So keep an eye out for new blog posts on my new website. Ill be transferring these blog posts over but since this is a self taught process... it's gonna take a while. ☺

Ill sign off with my new goodbye.

Be Kind. Be Beautiful.

Renee x

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Caroline's Cream, A Dream For Problem Skin

Safe And Effective.

 It has been over a decade since Caroline's Cream has hit the shelves and this moisturiser for sensitive skin is still going strong with a few other Caroline's skincare products to join the team. I tried the Caroline's Cream* and Caroline's Wash* together and am enjoying the benefits of this unassuming pair.

The Caroline's Wash lives in my shower. The non-foaming cream gently washes the dirt and grime off leaving the natural pH of the skin intact. I use this wash everyday, enjoying the moisturising affect of my skin. I use it in conjunction with the Caroline's Cream all over my body.

I don't have particularly sensitive skin and I don't suffer from eczema or dermatitis but I still benefit from this mild moisturiser. I need to be careful what products I use on my skin as my newborn spends a lot of time cuddled up next to me. I don't want any harsh chemicals or perfumes transferred onto his skin. The Caroline's Cream is perfect for me or any new mum because it is nourishing and healing. It's especially good to massage into stretch marks as it has healing properties and its also suitable to help treat nappy rash.

                                        Caroline's Cream is a light lotion, easy to rub in.

Caroline's Cream is a multi award winning Australian company that is passionate about creating safe skincare for problematic and sensitive skin types. Created using botanically derived ingredients, I highly recommend the Caroline's Cream to use as a repairing and hydrating moisturiser.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 1 July 2016

*Coffee Break with Renee*

Interview with Chicgeek85

Today we get to know Jenet, the beauty and brains behind fashion blog Chicgeek85. Jenets blog is full of fun and cheeky photoshoots of fabulous fashion finds. This girl certainly knows how to make fashion look effortless and fun!

Whats your blogging niche and why did you decide on it?
 I decided to do blogging as it was a great way to show my style off. My fashion blogging is very different as I am not street orientated. All about being classy, cute and chic but also bringing those on trend items in. Audrey Hepburn is my inspo for my outfits.

Do you stick to a schedule or just publish your posts whnever you feel?
 One day every few weeks I do my posts and save them (apart from the Polyvore outfits) and then organise a photo shoot with what I have with me 

What opportunities have you had since becoming a blogger?
 I've had a few opportunities - the biggest one was when I went to sydney to meet Pretty Girl fashion group who look after Beme, Rockmans, Table Eight. The other's would be getting the chance to inteview some outstanding bloggers like "FRiend in Fashion" "Breakfast with Audrey" and a male blogger from Sydney called Sydney Fashion Style.

What are you favourite things about blogging?
 The beautiful bloggers I have met. Amazing shoots, Talk about make up and fashion with people that feel the same way about it and also bringing out my inner creative on my blog. 

What are your least favourite things about blogging?
 The competitiveness. Unfortunately the fashion industry is full of those and the blogging atmosphere is no different. I plan to change that - hopefully. 

What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write and read? 
Inspiring ones. We need to bring out our inner leader in the next gen. 

Do you have any other Social Media forums that you are active on? 

Thanks  Jenet for being one of the first - of many I hope - bloggers to feature on "Coffee Break with Renee" And make sure to check out her amazing blog!

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 24 June 2016

Achieving The Perfect Shining Eyes

Gilded Cage Cosmetics

 Gilded Cage Cosmetics* is not a brand I was familiar with, that was until now. To me Gilded Cage is a glamorous and creative brand stepping out the box of what make up 'should be' and diving into the depths of what makeup 'could be.'
Individualism is highly cherished by Gilded Cage cosmetics and as part of the beautiful cosmetics for the lips and eyes that they have to offer is the Revelation Eyeshadow.
Packaged like a lip-gloss, this tube has a doe foot applicator that allows you to colour around the eyes and blend out for your desired look.
I have to admit that as soon as I received this product I was a bit dumbfounded as how it could serve me in everyday life. I'm a mum to a three year old and a new born so I don't exactly go nightclubbing or out to the town anymore. but I wanted needed to incorporate this beautiful semi-translucent platinum No:25  into my makeup routine pronto! I applied the colour to my top lash line without blending it out and I was very pleased with the somewhat 90's look it gave, remember glitter eyeliners?
Wearing the eyeshadow feels light-as-a-feather and is smudge proof once dry and fares well under a tough day - I was having a pretty average day when I tested this eye shadow out. I also love that Guilded Cage Cosmetics are a cruelty free brand so they are kind to animals. 

So...? Not a product I would just pick up on a whim but I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to try it. This eye-shadow is stunning quality and creates a beautiful effect on the eyes. I would highly recommend this eye-shadow as it delivers what  it claims to do! At a price of $38.00 a tube this luxury brand is something to spoil myself with.

Have Fun!

Renee x