Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Frizz No More!

 The Time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. Actually, just one thing today. My experience with the Hair Rejuvination Treatment from Hair and Me*. This comes in a handy squeezable sachet type packet that ensures you get every last drop of product out. The Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is 100% oil based and is designed to be used as a pre shampoo treatment to help repair, strengthen and moisturise your hair. An impressive ingredient list contains nothing other than 100% Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil.

Now to 'What I Thought'. As per instructions I applied the treatment and left it in for more than 45 minutes (1 ½ hours) before washing it out. The application was a tad messy as I neglected to place it in the fridge for a few minutes to help the oils solidify, but that's OK. I threw my hair up with a clip and went about my evening, not dripping oil everywhere.
One thing that bothered me was that after I shampooed my hair twice to wash out the oil, then condition it, there was still an uncomfortable layer of oil covering my hair. It actually took me about two days to get rid of all the excess oil on my hair. And let me tell you I hate having oily hair.

But I suppose the big question is, did it work? I can't exactly say that my hair felt totally moisturised, however that horrendous-Winters Frizz- has significantly died down. I feel that this hair rejuvenation treatment would be a wonderous thing if you had frizzy hair and you have the patience to wait a couple of days for the oil to completely wash out. I also feel that this Hair Rejuvination Treatment would be best served as a long term hair care routine because I didn't really see any major happenings after just one application. However I'm dubious about reapplying it because of the above mentioned 'two days to de-oilyfy' situation. I have one more application of this sachet left but I will wait until summer and see if it does anything major for my -Summer Sun- type hair.

What do you think about hair oils?

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ho Ho Ho! Jingle all the way with Lush!

Lush Christmas In July.

July is a wonderful time of year where the rain comes out to play, frosty windows greet you in the morning and Lush bring out their Christmas range just for the nostalgic Christmas lovers. That’s me.
I have used a few of the Christmas range last year and loved the Celebrate Body Lotion $32.50 but this week I was sent the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar* and the Eggsnog Lip Balm* to try out.

The Candy Mountain Bubble Bar $6.95–which my husband pointed out smells like Jelly- is completely visually appealing. A shimmering swirl of white and candy pink in a mountain shape is the best way for me to describe it. And yes it smells like Strawberry jelly to me. A candy sweet scent wafting up my nose only reminds me of the sweets on the table at Christmas time. The water in the bath turns to a gorgeous pink colour that my daughter loves and it fills the bathroom with such a fun and uplifting scent. This is a gorgeous little treat when I have had a bad day.

Eggsnog lip balm applies clear and leaves a slight pearlised sheer to the lips. Its very hard in the tin and I needed to rub my finger a few times to help it melt, I have to admit I prefer softer lip balms . The scent of this lip balm is definitely interesting, it smells like a cosy winters day. Quiet literally! Hazelnut and walnut oils bring warmth and cinnamon adds spice and depth to this simple but ultra yummy balm. My lips enjoy the moisturising benefits of Cocoa, Shea and Murumuru Butters and a touch of Lemon oil helps to tone the soft and delicate skin on the lips. I am feeling the love for this lip balm and I hope Lush brings this out for Christmas this year because I will certainly stock up!

What Lush Christmas In July Products are you dying to revisit?

Have fun!

Renee x

Monday, 13 July 2015

*Review* Dr Hauschka Night Serum

Revitalising Night Care

For as long as I can remember I have always used a moisturiser or serum at night. I believe that your skin works differently at night when you are sleeping, It repairs itself and fight environmental damage, as well as many other things. The DR Hauschka Night Serum* $79.00 is designed with night-time skin in mind. This serum is supposed to be ' revitalising night care that supports this skins essential process'. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I can say two things about this serum. 1. Yes it does revitalise your skin. 2. Don't expect it to happened straight away.

I used this serum for two weeks and I ready to give up on it when, 'BAM' almost overnight I realised that my skin does look a teeny bit improved. That's when the dramatic changes started taking place. My skin didn't particularly feel moisturised but it was noticeably smoother, like babys' bottom smoother. I'm impressed. My chin doesn't have a flushed look to it and my cheeks feel soft and did I mention smooth? So very smooth.
I seriously can say that my skin has never looked better and it may have to do with this night serum.

The Dr Hauschka Night Serum works by stimulating the renewal process at night making the skin look fresh and radiant in the morning. The two main active ingredients are Organic Berner Rose Apple Blossom Extract and Apple Fruit Hydrosol. This combination invites the skin to open up leaving a radiant, fresh and firm complexion in the morning.

I would recommend this Night Serum for all skin types as it is not oily or drying. For Women 40+ Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum is a better pick.

Do you like the sound of this? 

Have Fun!

Renee x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Moreish Exfoliator and Clay Mask Review

Moreish Is Superfood For Your Skin

Top: Exfoliator
Bottom: Clay Mask

Walking into Priceline the other week I decided to try something completely different. I knew I needed some new skincare, but what brand should I try? It's hard to walk past the beautiful packaging of Moreish skincare. Large writing on a blue background make this eye-catching box worth a double-take and I am a big fan of the floral detail on the side.

Pondering over the enticing range of cleansers, moisturisers and Serums, I finally decided to take home the Exfoliator and Clay Mask. Moorish is made in New Zealand and is a company that uses 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, no artificial colours or fragrances and is free from Parabens and Phenoxyethanol (chemical preservative).
My initial thought on the scent of the Exfoliator was like 'soapy roses', such a delicate and old-worldy fragrance belongs in your grannys bedroom. But somehow it really works. This is not a synthetic smell either, thanks to the Argan, Kiwifruit and Jojoba, they blend together to create a subtle and pretty scent.

The Exfolatior has a creamy consistency and is suitable for all skin types. With tiny Jojoba beads throughout, this gives a thorough but gentle clean. Creamy exfoliators are my preferred choice because I feel they are not as drying on my skin compared to gel based formulas. After using the Exfoliator I can see my skin looking refreshed.

However its after I use the Clay Mask that I really notice a difference. I have to admit this is my favorite. Again, there is only a slight scent which is good if your going to wear something on your face for 15 minutes and I felt no tingling or sensitivity that I have been getting a lot with other brands. My skin is loving the Kaolin Clay, Manuka Honey and Organic Argan Oil that is sucking up all that yuck congestion but also putting some of that much needed hydration and healing into my skin. The most important thing for me about masks is how they dry. I don't like it when clay masks crack and shed and I prefer them not the become a goopy mess and slide off like many gel masks. The Moorish clay mask does neither of these which is a relief.

I think it is safe to say that these two products are on my repurchase list. My dull Winter skin has soaked all the goodness from these two wonders and is bouncing back and looking fab.

Have you tried Moorish Skincare? What do you think of them?
Want to try? Head to the Moreish Website:

Have Fun!

Renee x

Basics: Cruelty free, natural ingredients, made in New Zealand

Monday, 6 July 2015

5 Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums

5 Practical Tips

As mum we compromise and multi task almost everything. One thing that I have spend a great deal of effort doing is making sure I have a healthy skin care and beauty regime.

  1. Wear a face mask whilst doing the dishes. It takes two seconds to apply a mask, but who has fifteen minutes to spare waiting for it to do it's magic when there is housework to do? Pop your mask on and sweep the floors or fold the washing, it may not be that relaxing experience that you hope for but at least your skin is getting a little TLC. ( I always apply my face mask on before I do the morning dishes.)
  2. Keep a couple of hair bands around your wrist; and a bobby pin in your hair at all times. I can't tell you the amount of times I have had lovely neat hair when I walk out the door, then I pick up Miss E and she grabs it with sandy hands or the wind fizzes it up. Having a hair tie handy is very practical.
  3. Keep facewipes on your bedside table. Hands up who goes to bed and can't be bothered cleansing, toning and moisturising before snuggling up in your comfy doona? I can put two hands up. Having a good quality facewipe next to you will make it easier to clean your face and not actually get out of bed. 
  4. Have a Tangle teaser in your hand bag/nappy bag. This is something I have recently started to keep in my everyday bag. If your out and about and your hair needs a quick touch up these hand sized brushes make all the difference. They are also handy for quickly brushing out knotty toddler hair.
  5. Keep a nail file in the kitchen. We have a lot of quick bursts of time waiting for the kettle to boil or toast to pop so if you like neat nails now is the time to reach for that nail file and maintain those pointers.
 Do you have any other time saving advice?

Have fun!

Renee x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

New Lush Massage Bars

Let Them Glide...

Hi Everyone, today I have the opportunity to introduce to you two of the seven new massage bars to grace Lushs' shelves. This new collection has some exciting scents to try such as the Percup Massage Bar, which is covered in stimulating coffee beans and also From Dusk till Dawn leaves your skin shimmering and smelling of Lemon and Orange oil. I was sent the Dirty Massage Bar* and Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar*.

For an everyday massage bar I turn to Dirty. A chocolate brown button in the middle makes this bar look good enough to eat! I am a huge fan of the combination of spearmint and dark chocolate which is so apparent in this scent. This bar is not a pretty or fluffy scent so it would suit men and women. The spearmint even though subtle is a refreshing addition and I love the way it perks me up in the morning!

If your after and exotic and sensual experience then Yes Yes Yes is the bar to turn to. This simple looking bar really stands out with its beautiful floral fragrance of Jasmine. When rubbed all over the body the scent of Jasmine will last for hours on your skin. This bar contains Shea butter so it glides over the skin so easily and leaves a layer or moisturising oil to gently rub in. I reach for this massage bar when I want to feel feminine and pretty.

The Lush Massage Bars are available on-line or In-store. Try them, I know you will find one you love!

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Autumn Favorites 2015

It's Favourites Time!

Eek! I cant believe its favourites time again. I know a lot of bloggers do a monthly favourites, but I simply couldn't keep up with that. I also don't rotate products that quickly, having said that though there are a few new products that I cant wait to share with you.

The Toby and Rosie Mango Hair Conditioner: I have been going through a phase where 90% of my skincare and haircare come in bar form, including my conditioner. I love how bars don't take up as much shelf space and there is no packaging, they also seem to last longer that creams and lotions. This conditioner is kind of basic but it does the job. My hair is moisturised and I don't have to wash it the next day because of the lack of synthetics I am slathering on my hair. Toby and Rosie conditioners are all hand made and they don't use any nasty chemicals, which is one of the reasons why I love their products so very much.

Tinderbox Orange Flower Toner: I am a huge fan of Tinderbox Products, they have a little shop in Balinyup that I visited last year and I felt like I was in skincare heaven. Tinderbox's trademark blue bottles look gorgeous on any bathroom counter and they are practical as blue glass is great for keeping longevity in products.  Each product has a gorgeous illustration on the label as well which make them unique in their own way. This toner has really brightened the appearance of my skin and has given it a fresh new look.

NS-8 Foot and Leg Moisturiser: This moisturiser is one of my favourites because it works. My legs and arms are hydrated just enough to stop that dry skin itch after a steamy hot shower, (not good for skin but I love them). This lotion has quiet a thin consistency but it glides over the skin effortlessly and it requires a little time to rub into damp skin but the results are unmistakably hydrated and velvety soft pins.

Red Earth Eye liner: This eye-liner duo has the perfect Autumn shades. On one end is a shimmery gold and the other end is a metallic military green. These colours compliment my dark hazel eyes perfectly and I tend to wear these with the gold in the inner corner of my eyes and I line the rest with green. I love how these colours last all day especially the green. I received this pencil a few years ago for my birthday and unfortunately its not on the Red Earth website any more but they have some other great colours. Personally I think you should join with me in a petition to bring back the green and gold!

Red Earth Eyeliner Swatch

What have you been loving this Autumn? Should we ask Red Earth to bring back the eye-liner duos?

Have Fun!

Renee x