Tuesday, 29 September 2015

ELF Blush Review

Blush or Illuminiser?

 Swatch straight from the compact onto the skin using no brush.

During a frantic order from iHerb for some soap and toothpaste, I got a little distracted and had a look at the makeup. I ordered the ELF Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky because I didn't own a peach tones blush.
This blush comes in the basic ELF packaging with a clear lid, it's not an overly large blush but a decent size nonetheless. It certainly has a gorgeous peach tone with massive amounts of illuminating qualities to it. This could certainly be used as a two- in-one blush and illuminiser. I love that this blush gives my cool-tones skin a natural looking warmth which will be perfect in Summer, if I ever get a tan. One thing that I could say is that there is not a lot of colour pay-off when using straight from a brush, I would recommend using a damp brush or even blending the blush straight from your fingers. However if its just the lightest tint of shimmer your after, go ahead and use a dry brush.
My verdict is that for the price of $8.00 this makes a fantastic budget friendly highlighter, but not a blush.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex

For A Speedy Recovery

Nails need a lot of TLC but often I forget to give them their much needed attention. In fact nails are the least of my beauty worries. I bite them, pick at them and if I get a hang-nail, I yank that baby off! Yes it sounds gruesome but quiet frankly I really can't be bothered with having pretty nails, it's never been my 'thing'. Until recently I rarely used hand creams, but my nails have been so tattered that the skin around them were red raw and extremely painful. I had to do something!
So I searched through my samples and found what I was looking for, NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex.* Given my past success with the NS range I knew that if this didn't work then nothing would. Thank goodness that after four short days of applying this twice a day my skin was on the road to recovery! The pain had stopped after the first full day and my skin almost immediately began to heal. NS-5 is a thick cream with  thin applicator so that precision application means no wastage.

  So what's in this nail cream that makes it work so so good? Urea, Shea Butter moisturisers,  Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Allantoin conditions the skin and Vitamin B5, Silicea and Hydrolysed Keratin give added protection. I personally believe that the reason why Plunketts products work so well are the total lack of petro-chemicals and parabens and other nasties. These ingredients in skincare can be absolutely no help when skin is in trouble and needs to repair itself.
So would I recommend it? Er, yeah. For anyone who needs speedy recovery for painful cuticles and hangnails with no extra fuss, it should suit you well.

Have Fun!

Renee x

*absolutely my own opinions here.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Flora and Fauna Box Spring 2015

A Sneak Peek!

It happened again, my obsession with subscription boxes has taken over me and I caved and bought a Flora and Fauna Spring Box for 2015.

I don't know why but I have quiet high expectations on this box. I have read recent reviews on the  boxes and was very impressed so I hoped that the Spring box would be on par with those.

I was so so happy to receive a Kosmea Moisturising Lotion SPF 30 $44.50 in this box. I believe it to be so relevant to the upcoming weather and I can wait to get stuck into this! I will be using this as my day moisturiser before I head out the door. Kosmea is one of those brands that has a reputation for beautiful and naturally made skincare products, there is no difference with this moisturiser. Full of refreshing cucumber extract and aloe Vera this hydrating lotion staves off damage from the sun as well as great protection from harmful UV rays.

Adorn Cosmetics makes the most gorgeous illuminiser. With a rose gold tint, this shade is perfect for a complete fresh and dewy glow. I use this on my temples in a 'C' shape but it can be used to make brows more defined and lips can appear larger when used on the cupids bow.

I had been anticipating a product from Vanessa Megan in this box and I wasn't disappointed. We received the Darling Perfume trial size and I am completely in love with this scent. I have been using it everyday and it works perfectly on my skin. This is a sweet and very girly scent with hints of a warm and spicy undertone. I will be wearing this all spring and hopefully (if it lasts) Summer too.

My new night serum! The Tula Naturals Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum - phew say that 20 times!-is packed full of hemp, rosehip and macadamia oils to prevent moisture loss and regenerate the skins protective layers. This does all the work while I'm sleeping too!

Swatch of Adorn Cosmetics Illuminiser.

A couple of little sachets are always good, these are Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream and Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream. I have already used the hand cream with these Eco Tools Moisture Gloves. To use these I lightly rubbed some hand cream onto my hands (they were still tacky) and popped the gloves on before I went to bed. I cant say I saw a difference straight away but I will continue to use the gloves because they didn't fall off during the night. However I have to find the other glove because my daughter got hold of them and I misplaced one. Haha.

This box is gorgeous, I love the wonderful quality brands that Flora and Fauna have chosen to add in the box. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in Summer!

Flora and Fauna Box is avaliable here:https://www.floraandfauna.com.au/beauty-boxes/

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 11 September 2015

*Review* Kelapa Organics

Natural Skincare At It's Best

Using Coconut Oil in skincare is not a new thing nor is it to be underrated. Its been used in many beauty products all over the world for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as well as being hydrating and soothing on the skin. It's no wonder why Australian company, Kelapa Organics has jumped on board and created their own line of skincare and hair care using this natural wonder.

I have been using the Cream Face Cleanser* for a few weeks and I feel I know why people love Coconut Oil. This cleanser is a light and smooth liquid that had very little if any scent at all. It has 90% Certified Organic Ingredients and feels so gentle on the skin. I have combination skin, so it's dry on the cheeks and oily and prone to breakouts on my forehead, nose and chin. Being that this is a cream cleanser it worked very well on my cheeks and I appreciate the clean and soft feeling that this cleanser and left me with. Unfortunately, it didn't quiet have the gumption to clear the pesky “impurities” on my T-Zone. However I figured out that all my skin needed was a little exfoliation and then this cleanser worked brilliantly in my T-Zone. So this is my verdict, Love it! I would certainly recommend it. I believe this cleanser would suit well for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. For oily and problem skin I would suggest pairing it with Kelapa Organics Gentle Facial Exfoliant for that extra 'oomph' you may need to lift out the dirt in your pores.

Kelapa Hand and Body Lotion* is my absolute favourite. This lotion has a light non-greasy formula and it just works. All the work comes from the ingredients of Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Almond Oil with no fussy fragrance just a light and natural scent of Sweet Orange. My legs tend to get really dry in Winter but this moisturiser is very hydrating and I have noticed huge difference in the health of my skin. I really enjoyed how quick this absorbs into the skin, so I can get dressed straight after and not have to worry about sticking to my clothes. That is a huge bonus for a busy mum like me! For deeper penetration of the natural oils in this lotion it's best to exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week before applying.

My experience with Kelapa Organics has been all around positive, and I think I have found me a new favourite body lotion!

Have Fun!

Renee x

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Spring Trend Essentials 2015

On the Shopping List!

1. Orange Lips were Hot on the Catwalk this Spring, to try this trend without killing the bank look for Australis Pout Paste in Love Bites $12.95.

3. Use the Napoleon Perdis Neo Noir Liquid Eyeliner $32.00 to create the perfect cat-eyed flick.

4. Keep your lips feeling amazing by using Natural Bridge Organic Lip Balm $6.95 with a refreshing hint of lemon myrtle.

5. Give your hair texture and body with the Lush Dirty Hair Styliing Cream $13.95. This gives a medium hold with the Lush famous Dirty scent. 

6. The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm $24.95 will be your essential cream for any inflamed or damaged skin this Spring.

7. Brown eyeshadow in soft matte tones are BIG this Season. Ere Perez Eye duo in Very Important $27.95 features two shades in a brown matte and a gold shimmer.

8. Add of pop of colour when you feel like it using the Zuii Organics Eyeshadow in Jade $21.75 for a vibrant look.

9. Glide-On Eye Pencils from Urban Decay $20.00 are creamy and waterproof. These stay put all day and have a wide range of colours.

10. Save money with a home waxing kit when the weather warms up. Try Moom Express Wax Strips Face & Bikini $15.95 for small areas of the body. Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender $24.95 is best used for larger parts of the body such as legs and arms.

Have Fun!

Renee x

Friday, 28 August 2015

Winter Favourites 2015

Winter has gone and Spring has sprung. 

My favourite season has come to an end. I lean towards a much creamier and luxurious menu of skincare when the weather gets cold and my skin gets a bit drier. These were my picks for the season.


As a cleanser I have tried out the Toby and Rosie Pink Salt Facial Cleanser. I found this in the back of my bathroom cupboard. This was a sample that came with an order I made a long time ago, so I wasn't in a rush and try it. However, this has been a lovely substitute to my usual cleanser ( Toby and Rosie Activated Charcoal Bar) as it still makes my skin clean and glow. It contains pink salt that gently foams when mixed with water and this small tub lasted all winter and some.

My mornings are pretty hectic and I really don't have time to stand over the bathroom sink and cleanse my face the 'normal' way (I shower at night). Instead I have been reaching for the Kosmea Facial Cleansing Wipes*. These have been my skin saviour these last few weeks and if I didn't have them on hand to give my face a quick wipe after brushing my teeth I wouldn't be cleansing my face at all. These contain a moisturising blend of Rose hip oil, Olive oil and soothing Aloe Vera all in one Biodegradable cloth. I'm not particularly a fan of the scent but the cloth is so soft and the cleansing solution is so gentle that I can forgive that.

After I give my face a wipe in the morning, I finish off with a gentle moisturiser, so that my face doesn't feel like it's about to crack. I'm loving Zk'in Relief Moisturiser* for its gentle yet extremely effective moisturising tricks. I really enjoy popping a bit of this on in the mornings. It's really creamy and has very little scent. I love how this is so light that my face doesn't get oily during the day and its only got good stuff in it so that means no petro chemicals, sulphates or parabens.

At night I have been changing things up a bit and have added a night serum into my routine. I was sent the Dr Hauschka Night Serum*  a while ago and I love it! I have continued to use this every night and I have seen real difference in my complexion. Mostly my skin is softer and my skin-tone has evened out to reveal brighter looking skin. I'm all for that. The secret ingredient is Berner Rose Apple that help to support skin renewal overnight. I think it's doing pretty well indeed.

I can't write a favourites post without giving an honourable mention to this duo. The Moreish Exfoliator and Clay Mask are a couple that dare to go to skincare extremes. The exfoliator is a gentle and creamy formulation with tiny little jojoba beads that carefully scrub away dead skin cells. The mask is like a creamy clay when applied then it dries a little hard on the skin but seriously, once it's washed off my skin looks radiant! This is a repurchase for me!

Last but certainly not least is the Lush Sympathy For The Skin Hand And Body Lotion. My mum gave me this for my Birthday because she is cool like that. I got this in May and only half the tub has been used, which is good because Lush moisturisers don't come cheap. I love the banana/vanilla scent to this thick cream, I feel like it is the perfect scent for cold weather and because its a much richer cream it works well for my dry skin in Winter.

What have you been loving this Winter?

Have Fun!

Renee x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

*First Impression* Native Box Winter 2015

Full Of New Brands

Yesterday was the arrival of the winter Native Box. All wrapped up in the exciting new package with the familiar Native box logo. I was thrilled!
This is a first impression of the box because these are my favourite kind of posts to read and write.

I am very please to see a full size Absolutely Gorgeous Macadamia Face Cream this winter. I still have quiet a bit of my current moisturiser left but if its as gentle and smoothing as they say, this will be perfect for Spring. As the name suggests this contains macadamia oil along with Rosehip oil and carrot oil to improve skin elasticity and slow down the signs of ageing.

Now, this I'm excited for! The Paleo Skincare gave us a sachet of their Spearmint Tallow Body Wash.  I love the idea of washing myself with mint. I have heard of Paleo Skincare and it really intrigues me. I think the scent will be perfect in summer, I get really tired in Summer (I don't handle heat well ) so this will liven me up after morning gym classes.

Natralus provided us with two sachets each of their Paw Paw Ointment, Paw Paw Gel, and Aloe Vera Gel. I think two sachets are enough to get a pretty good feel of a product, but I'm hoping with fingers crossed that for the Spring box we get full sized Aloe Vera Gel for any accidental sunburn that may happen in Summer.

Wotnot makes a regular appearance in the Native Box. These Body Wipes were a tad underwhelming as the only way I can think of using them is by popping them in the nappy bag for when I go out. I'm guessing they would be handy to use them after going to the gym and I don't have time to head home for shower before running errands. Either way they are free of alcohol, chlorine, perfume, parabens, PEGs and petrochemicals so they would be suitable for any skin type whether they be young or old.

I'm finding little sachets galore in this box! Buckley and Philips Indulgent Body Lotion is a handy one to have when I'm getting bit bored of my current body moisturisers. Sometimes I just like to mix things up. Scented with essentials oils this will be prefect to change my routine to something more natural. (even though I think I do pretty well on that front.)

 In amongst the paper shreds is the Awe Cosmeceuticales Rsadna Hydrating Mask. This is something I had to immediately try a bit on my hand and have a quick test. This mask smells amazingly natural with honey and soothing Aloe. I have never used a leave -on mask but I am looking forward to trying this out. Sometimes its pain to wash off a mask when all I want to do is snuggle in front of the fire in the evening. Am I right?

Last but not least is the Pure By Phytocare Papaya Ointment. I have independently bought this previously and quiet liked it. Its just a basic Papaw ointment in a lip balm tube but it does the job. This is probably one of the better brands on the market if you're looking for papaw lip products.

This winters Native Box was full of different brands, some familiar, some that I have never heard of. I like the full sized moisturiser and lip ointment but I feel that there is such thing as too many sachets. I kind of feel that this box isn't the best one that I have opened but I will still enjoy most things.

What do you think of this seasons Native Box? 

Have Fun!

Renee x